quinta-feira, outubro 27, 2016

Na vida real não há direitos adquiridos

Subir na escala de valor é a melhor, talvez a única, forma de equacionar um futuro no médio prazo. Na vida real não há direitos adquiridos:
"disturbing for many global manufacturers, which have ceded low-end production to Chinese rivals but are banking on staying ahead in higher-end goods and ingredients that feature more advanced technology.
China’s chemical makers, whose profits were getting squeezed by overcapacity and falling prices of cheaper ingredients, accelerated their push into higher-value areas.
One local producer whose chemicals GMM now uses is Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co. Ltd., a maker of shiny pigments and aluminum paste based in Fuqing. After initially plying its wares to small industrial paint shops in China’s southern manufacturing zone, it increased investment in new products, set up a big R&D center in China and started working with Chinese universities to hone its technological edge. A year and a half ago, it formed a joint venture with a Netherlands-based distributor to sell its China-made pigments in Europe."

Trechos retirados de "China to World: We Don’t Need Your Factories Anymore"

BTW, esta tendência se aprimorada é um aviso sério para as Mittelstand que não derem corda aos sapatos.

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