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Propostas de valor, ecossistemas e pivôs

Sempre que leio sobre ecossistemas vem-me logo à memória um projecto em que estive envolvido em 2004 e em que empiricamente usamos e desenvolvemos conceitos que 10 anos depois continuam a ser objecto de reflexão científica.
"we now consider value propositions from a service ecosystem perspective. Essentially, we argue that a discussion of value propositions should move beyond consideration of an enterprise’s relationships with customers and other proximate stakeholders to consider their role within a service ecosystem. ... ‘an ecosystem differs from a stakeholder system in that it includes entities not generally viewed as stakeholder groups, such as ‘‘anti-clients’’, criminals (part of a police force ecosystem), activist groups . . . and competitors’.
in an ecosystem, actors co-create and share value. However, not all actors will be treated equally. Mars et al. (2012) refer to key players on which an ecosystem depends, as without their essential resources other actors would not be able to operate. Some actors will be in a position to negotiate a more favourable value exchange than others, and thus the focus of a business strategy is balancing the value co-created and extracted from each group so that overall benefit can be sustained.[Moi ici: Como não recordar "Não é armadilhar, é criar harmonia, é construir uma sinfonia..." ou a série "A escolha dos pivôs"]
the well-being of this ecosystem depends on value propositions that support this web of relationships.
While value co-creation is most obvious and common with customers, the earlier discussion emphasises that the concept of value co-creation applies to all actors within the ecosystem. The role of the value proposition within an ecosystem moves from the proposal of a resource offering between actors to shaping of resource integration between actors within the system. An actor seeks to fill resource gaps, responding to value propositions that offer valuable resources. As such, the value proposition plays an important role in determining which actors interact within the ecosystem and how resources are shared between them. The value proposition describes the potential benefits of resource sharing and therefore facilitates the resource integration process. The resource offering of each actor has implications for the offerings of other actors. For example,  changes in a value proposition offered by one supplier has implications for the resources an enterprise will seek from another supplier and on the overall offering an enterprise makes to its customers. Accordingly, value propositions serve to shape resource integration within the entire service ecosystem."
Trechos retirados de "Value propositions: A service ecosystems perspective" publicado por Marketing Theory em Maio de 2014.

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