quarta-feira, agosto 24, 2016

Propriedade intelectual

Esta manhã estive a trabalhar numa empresa que tem na sua política da qualidade uma referência ao respeito da propriedade intelectual dos clientes.
"Roberts designed more ergonomically fit gis and at first had them manufactured and imported from a company in Pakistan, where most jiu jitsu apparel is made, he said. By changing the patterns of the traditional gi to allow more movement and flexibility, Roberts said he improved on a design that hadn’t been changed in nearly 500 years.
“We started importing and it went really good and we made a bunch of money,” he said. “And I felt really bad.”
The tipping point came when he was in Abu Dhabi for a jiu jitsu competition and saw a woman wearing an Origin gi — only there was another company’s logo on the back. The company he had been using to manufacture his gis were using his designs for other brands."
Trecho retirado de "Martial art apparel maker throws his weight behind ‘Made in Maine’"

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