segunda-feira, julho 04, 2016

Mongo, diversidade e o fim da mass production

"So he went exploring online and found himself in a digital design community run by an Arizona-based carmaker, Local Motors. Best-known for its 3-D-printed car, the company relies on people like Sarmiento to bring brand-new vehicles to market in a matter of weeks — a business model driven by co-creation (a cousin of crowdsourcing) and micromanufacturing (a cousin of small-batch, locally sourced production).
"We want the fastest speed to a good idea commercialized in the market; we want to be the maker; we want to sell it and service it out of our factory," says Local Motors CEO John B. Rogers Jr.
"High volume, low pricing power, low cost, low margin — that's what Toyota or Hyundai have done very well with the automotive industry," Rogers says.
His sights are on low volume, high price, low production cost, high margin: "My economy comes from being able to drive up my price because I can introduce new technology and get you to pay more because it's not available on another vehicle.""

Trechos retirados de "A 24-Year-Old Designed A Self-Driving Minibus; Maker Built It In Weeks"

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