domingo, maio 22, 2016

Curiosidade do dia

A propósito desta "Curiosidade do dia" este material interessante para reflexão "How the “Maximize Shareholder Value” Myth Weakens Companies and Economic Systems".
E, para mim, admirador da relação entre a biologia e a economia, este trecho:
"so something is wrong with the simple idea that best business practices evolve by between-firm selection. That “something” is multilevel selection, which is well known to evolutionary biologists and needs to become better known among economists and the business community.
Multilevel selection theory is based on the fact that competition can take place at all levels of a multi-tier hierarchy of units—not only among firms, but also among individuals and subunits within firms. [Moi ici: Recordar o exemplo das fábricas que trabalhavam para as sapatarias de rua] The practices that evolve (culturally in addition to genetically) by lower-level selection are often cancerous for the welfare of the higher-level unit. By the same token, if selection did operate exclusively at the level of firms, then the outcome would often be cancerous for the multi-firm economy. When it comes to the cancerous effects of lower-level selection, there is no invisible hand to save the day."
Fornece pistas para investigação futura.

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