domingo, março 20, 2016

O que é a diferenciação?

Este artigo "Competitive Differentiation Myth : Don't Stand Out. Blend In." cita e comete o mesmo erro, IMHO, que o que referi em "Acerca da diferenciação". Pensar que a diferenciação está só no produto, está só na oferta, é muito redutor.
"In short, asking yourself “how are we different ?” may be the wrong question to ask. Buyers are influenced by a seller’s (firm’s) status, prior relationships and their social network ties. Not by how “different” they are."
Por que pensar que a diferenciação não pode começar precisamente por "a seller’s (firm’s) status, prior relationships and their social network ties"?
"In the – excellent – Buyersphere 2013 report, a whopping 66% of buyers reported “I heard of them before we started the buying process” as the #1 reason why they selected a particular firm for their project.
And – in spite of the #1 factor why buyers chose one firm vs another being “educated me with new ideas and perspectives” – in RAIN Group’s recent research on “What Sales Winners Do Differently”, fully one third of the Top–10 factors driving buying preference were about the seller connecting with the buyer in a way that inspires trust, confidence and familiarity.
Human evolution has wired us all in a very particular way – when faced with decisions that involve even a moderate degree of complexity, we seek ways in which to reduce the risk involved and “take shortcuts” to deduce which decision is the best one."
Faço uma pesquisa e descubro que afinal nunca cheguei a escrever sobre a Indium Corporation!!!
Como pude falhar!?!?

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