segunda-feira, março 21, 2016

O que é a diferenciação? (parte II)

Descobri, no final da parte I que nunca tinha escrito nada aqui no blogue sobre a Indium Corporation!!!
Na parte I sublinhei:
"the #1 factor why buyers chose one firm vs another being “educated me with new ideas and perspectives” ... seller connecting with the buyer in a way that inspires trust, confidence and familiarity."
E recordei logo o que li acerca da Indium Corporation no livro "Killing Giants" de Stephen Denny:
""We have extremely sophisticated customers," Short explained, describing the buyers of his company's metals, salts, and solders so common in the manufacturing processes of technology products. "These are master's degree engineers and technologists. There is no opinion. This is all data-driven. No trickery, no tomfoolery will be tolerated." As we all know, tomfoolery is the norm in many industries when it comes to massaging the message. Rick's epiphany came when he recognized that engineering-speak—the thing we so often try to avoid in marketing messaging—is the only language his very particular customers wanted to hear. The industry had somehow put an interpreter in between two people who didn't need the help. "The basic principle of what we're doing at our company is stepping out of the way and letting technologists speak with technologists," Short explained. "We currently have seventy-three blogs authored by fourteen bloggers."
Not content to merely let technologists speak directly to customers, Indium has made these engineers and other specialists the face of the company—individually. "If you go to market as one company, you've only got one voice or brand," Short explained. "If you turn your company inside out and expose fifteen technologists and let each of them talk about what and why they're doing what they're doing, you've got fifteen different brands. And you can't tell me that any one company's voice is more interesting than a person's voice. We've multiplied the quantity, but we've multiplied the quality of what we go to market with—real people, real stories, real experience, real passion."
What happens when you unleash a dozen highly specialized technologists with self-publishing tools and a free mandate to write about what they do and how they do it? You shorten the distance between questions and answers, and between inquiries and sales. No more call centers and salespeople calling back later. "Engage with my company and you know exactly who you want to talk to because it's the person you've been following, who's intrigued you, who's earned your trust," Short explained. "What I'm trying to do is convert the predominant volume of my callers from shoppers to people who are on fire. Here's my name, here's my address. You know the problems I'm experiencing because you know that I just downloaded two white papers on this exact subject. Sometimes, when people download a paper, they get a phone call from one of my people and they say, 'Oh my gosh, thanks for calling!' Compare that to a cold call. It's so opt in, so invitation only, and it's so appreciated." Demand generation and lead qualification have just become the same step. The traditional sales funnel has collapsed into a one-step process."
E isto não é diferenciação? Come on!

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