segunda-feira, março 28, 2016

Expulso da zona de conforto

Outra vez a saída da zona de conforto e como ela nos pode ajudar a crescer:
"is that every one of these star performers faced at least one “near-death experience” during the course of its long-term success.
Why is it so hard for companies and leaders to embrace change and break with the past without a near-death experience? The answer, I believe, has to do with what innovation strategist Cynthia Barton Rabe dubbed the “paradox of expertise.” Too many companies and leaders, and often the best companies and the most successful leaders, struggle with the frustrating reality that the more deeply immersed you are in a market, a product category, or a technology, the harder it becomes to open your mind to new business models that may reshape that market or exciting ways to leapfrog that technology. Past results may not be the enemy of subsequent breakthroughs, but they can constrain your capacity to grasp the future.
When it comes to innovation,” she argued, “the same hard-won experience, best practices, and processes that are the cornerstones of an organization’s success may be more like millstones that threaten to sink it. Said another way, the weight of what we know, especially what we collectively ‘know,’ kills innovation….Why can knowledge and experience be so lethal to innovation? Because when we become expert, we often trade our ‘what if’ flights of fancy for the grounded reality of ‘what is.’”"

Trechos retirados de "Companies Can’t Be Great Unless They’ve Almost Failed"

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