sábado, janeiro 09, 2016

Prestes a cometer um crime

O mesmo país onde se consegue isto "Preços na hotelaria subiram 20% num ano" está prestes a cometer um crime "SET vai alterar a legislação do alojamento local para “tratar de forma igual o que é igual”" para fazer um favor a este lobby "O incumbente".
Isto cheira-me tanto ao relato que Acemoglu faz do começo da decadência em Veneza...
The switch toward extractive political institutions was now being followed by a move toward extractive economic institutions. Most important, they banned the use of commenda contracts, one of the great institutional innovations that had made Venice rich. This shouldn’t be a surprise: the commenda benefited new merchants, and now the established elite was trying to exclude them. This was just one step toward more extractive economic institutions. Another step came when, starting in 1314, the Venetian state began to take over and nationalize trade. It organized state galleys to engage in trade and, from 1324 on, began to charge individuals high levels of taxes if they wanted to engage in trade. Long-distance trade became the preserve of the nobility. This was the beginning of the end of Venetian prosperity. With the main lines of business monopolized by the increasingly narrow elite, the decline was under way. Venice appeared to have been on the brink of becoming the world’s first inclusive society, but it fell to a coup. Political and economic institutions became more extractive, and Venice began to experience economic decline. By 1500 the population had shrunk to one hundred thousand. Between 1650 and 1800, when the population of Europe rapidly expanded, that of Venice contracted."
Isto é completamente ao contrário do que se recomenda para Mongo "Concorrência vs cooperação em Mongo"

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