terça-feira, janeiro 19, 2016

Mongo não é fácil para os gigantes

Um excelente texto, "How to Grow Without Losing What Makes You Great". Um texto que vem reforçar a minha teoria de que em Mongo a vida é muito difícil para os gigantes. Recordar o padrão Mongo.
Mongo é a terra das tribos, dos apaixonados por causas e por estilos de vida. Os gigantes, valorizam eficiência, normalização, e abominam quer a variabilidade, quer a variedade.
""Companies that scale well have sacred constraints, things they can never screw up,"
In their book, Sutton and Rao argue that scaling isn't just about getting bigger. It is also about getting better. It's about spreading exceptional ideas, systems, or business models, and then persuading--ideally inspiring--others to make them their own. "The question we started with is, How do you spread something good from the few to the many, or from those with to those without?" says Sutton. "It starts with, You've got something good."
"Companies grow well and scale badly when they focus on running up the numbers but not the quality," says Sutton. "They get bigger and start to look like just any organization. And there goes the value."
In 2007, Howard Schultz lamented the "watering down of the Starbucks experience" as the business ballooned to 13,000 stores. "They made all these decisions about efficiency and standardization and cost that seemed sensible at the time," says Sutton. "They didn't step back to see how the buildup was damaging the brand."
To protect their brands, Sutton advises companies to spread not just a "footprint"--their geographic and market presence--but also a "mindset"--the deeply ingrained beliefs and behaviors of their people."

BTW, e esta frase para os políticos da oposição e da situação:
""If you are getting big, before you add a new meeting, figure out which meeting you can kill. Before you put in a new rule, see which rule you can kill."

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