segunda-feira, junho 22, 2015

Exemplos da dinâmica do capitalismo

Ontem, li dois textos que são excelentes exemplos da dinâmica do capitalismo.
Primeiro, a destruição criativa, "Delicious Creative Destruction":
"When one particular use of resources proves to be insufficiently productive – when one particular use of resources fails to satisfy consumers sufficiently – when one particular use of resources is revealed by market competition to cost more than the value that that use of resources generates for consumers – that particular use of resources is ended. That particular use of resources is “destroyed” by market forces so that those resources can be used in ways that produce greater value for consumers.
Importantly, the “destruction” that occurs in the process of creative destruction is not physical destruction at all. The great physical destroyer of resources (and lives) is war, which is the main and core speciality of the state. Markets, in stark contrast to governments, are peaceful. The “destruction” that they constantly unleash is creative: it’s a process of moving scarce, productive resources from uses that satisfy consumers less to use that satisfy consumers more.
And when Pizza Hut shut down this restaurant, it did not raze the building to the ground. Nor did it trash most of the booths that are inside of this building. No. Those resources were transferred peacefully and voluntarily to another entrepreneur who, recombining them with other resources, now uses this building and its booths to offer to consumers a product different from the one that was offered there before. It’s a product that consumers are – daily – free to accept or to reject. If Pizza Hut were protected from competition – which is to say, protected from the consequences of consumer choice – that particular building might still be operating as a Pizza Hut. But consumers would be worse off as a result. The wealth of the nation would be lower."
Claro que neste país de incumbentes esta dinâmica é mal vista.

Segundo, este outro texto, "Taking the Work Out of Short-Term Rentals", salienta outra característica. Surge um novo mercado e, logo, rapidamente aparece um ecossistema, uma constelação de negócios, de empresas que vão realizar trabalhos associados a novas situações:
"A fledgling industry has sprung up in the last five years offering to take the work out of short-term rentals, for a fee. Start-ups with names like Guesty, Flatbook, onefinestay and proprly will do everything from greeting guests with the keys to swapping out your cowboy-print polyester sheets for natural linens. Some allow you to book services like cleanings and key exchanges à la carte.Others take the entire rental process out of your hands, dealing with bookings, storing your belongings and cleaning up after the guests go home in exchange for as much as half of your revenue. A few will even dispatch a team of decorators to your apartment."
Gostei muito deste texto.
Claro que neste país apareceriam logo umas providências cautelares, lançadas por alguns incumbentes.

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