domingo, junho 28, 2015

A prisão mental

"When executives in business-to-business (B2B) markets think about pricing their products, they often raise the white flag before even stepping onto the battlefield. Over the years, they’ve accumulated beliefs that limit their pricing effectiveness.
Five beliefs, in particular, have become ingrained in many companies to the point that they seem immovable:
    Our products are commoditized, so we must accept prevailing prices in the market.
    We can’t respond effectively against new, disruptive business models—much less figure out if we should be the disruptor—without jeopardizing our core business.
    We can’t constrain negotiations without killing the ability of our salesforce to close deals.
    We need to maintain legacy channel discounts to motivate our partners, even though those discounts create complexity and obscure our view of profitability.
    It doesn’t matter if our list prices are competitive, because we hit the right price points through heavy, nonstandard discounts."

Trechos retirados de "The B2B Pricing Prison"

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