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Curiosidade do dia

"The case against patents can be summarized briefly: there is no empirical evidence that they serve to increase innovation and productivity, unless productivity is identifified with the number of patents awarded - which, as evidence shows, has no correlation with measured productivity. This disconnect is at the root of what is called the “patent puzzle”: in spite of the enormous increase in the number of patents and in the strength of their legal protection, the US economy has seen neither a dramatic acceleration in the rate of technological progress nor a major increase in the levels of research and development expenditure.
Both theory and evidence suggest that while patents can have a partial equilibrium effect of improving incentives to invent, the general equilibrium effect on innovation can be negative. The historical and international evidence suggests that while weak patent systems may mildly increase innovation with limited side effects, strong patent systems retard innovation with many negative side effects."
E também:
"And yet…companies are chasing patents like never before. In 2014, the U.S. issued for the first time more than 300,000 patents. More than 1 million are pending.
Patents might be a grand waste of time, but companies feel pressure to chase them because other companies are chasing them."

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Primeiro texto retirado de "The Case Against Patents"
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