quinta-feira, novembro 20, 2014

Shift happens! (parte II)

Parte I.
Ontem à noite li este artigo "The missing part for business model innovation: The process"e não pude deixar de sublinhar este trecho:
"almost every firm needs a different approach to innovation and strategy.
The future is not about prediction but about shaping the future with agile experimentation on what works and what does not work.
Regardless how much you plan, you will not predict the future because neither customers nor companies can anticipate what is possible. The only way to push for radical innovation is to accept the uncertainty and thereby accepting that with more traditional planning we can not predict the future.
By saying so, I do not mean that we need no planning or management anymore. We even need it more than ever, but with a different aim. The aim should not be to predict the future but to plan a creative process how to shape the future."
A ênfase na experimentação e no "shape de future".
Este "shape the future" choca violentamente com uma visão estática das coisas tipo "vantagens comparativas dos recursos portugueses".

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Paulo Peres disse...

sensacional passagem!!!
muito difícil, mas disruptiva