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Será que um desconto é mesmo a solução?

"Unfortunately, the Economics 101 class we took in college has conditioned us to believe that lowering price should always return a commensurate increase in demand.  But on its face, this is simply not so.
Getting customers to change their behavior often requires much more than a simple decision to decrease prices.  For example, if you want a customer who is currently not buying from you to change their behavior and begin doing so, you should first start with the question:  Why are they not buying from me today?  Often the answer is not because the price is too high.  In our research and experience, some of the common reasons we have heard include:
 1.“Because we did not know the company sold those products”
 2.“Because their service quality was poor/unsatisfactory”
 3.“Because we have an existing relationship/contract with another vendor”
 4.“Because we don’t like the sales rep”
 5.“Because they don’t stock enough of the products we need to buy”
 6.“Because they are too far from our location; other vendors are closer”
 7.“Because their product quality is poor”
 8.“Because their systems don’t interface well with ours”
 9.“Because it is not easy to shop and order from them”
10.“Because they don’t have enough in-house product support expertise”
When you step back and consider those reasons, you realize that it’s probably quite unlikely you’ll be able to combat these issues with a relatively small downward adjustment in price.  I say relatively small because in most cases it’s not realistic to make large, drastic price cuts.
If you want to change a customer’s behavior, you need to address the specific obstacle that’s to blame for the original behavior in the first place."
Trecho retirado de "So You’re Thinking about Lowering Prices …"

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