segunda-feira, junho 30, 2014

Acerca do espaço de Minkowski

Um texto tão rico, tão cheio de verdadeiras pérolas metafóricas em "The Art of Looking: What 11 Experts Teach Us about Seeing Our Familiar City Block with New Eyes"
Por exemplo:
"The thing you are doing now affects the thing you see next."
Concretizada, por exemplo, em:
"Tinbergen noticed that songbirds did not prey on just any insect that had recently hatched in the vicinity; instead, they tended to prefer one kind of bug  -  say, a particular species of beetle  -  at a time. As the numbers of young beetles rose through a season, the birds gorged on these beetlettes, ignoring any other available young insects nearby. Tinbergen suggested that, once the birds found a food they liked, they began to look just for that food, ignoring all others. He called this a search image: a mental image of a beetle—with its characteristic beetly shape, size, and colors—with which the bird scans her environment.
This search image, it turns out, is something all of us employ when we need to narrow our attention in a goal-oriented task,"
Como não recordar o espaço de Minkowski, como não pensar na dificuldade natural que as empresas têm de enfrentar quando o seu mercado entra em queda e têm de procurar novos mercados e têm de se internacionalizar.

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