segunda-feira, dezembro 16, 2013

"Why Segmentation Matters" (parte I)

Foi já há alguns anos que, via Nirmalya Kumar, conheci o caso da Dow e da sua marca low-cost Xiameter.
Agora em "Why Segmentation Matters" de Linda Trevenen encontro mais alguns tópicos sobre o tema:
"In their segmentation of the market, they [Dow] learned that not all customers had the same set of needs. Some required more service than others, some valued innovation more than others, while others were trying to improve the profitability of their own businesses. They also learned that one segment no longer needed the added value of service, innovation, or a broad product assortment of the silicone products they purchased; instead they just wanted the best price.
Dow had been treating all these customers the same, yet each of four identified segmentss required a different bundle of benefits. It became painfully evident to their managers that they were providing expensive services to some customers who did not even need them. Therein lies the most critical reason why segmentation matters in business - profits can be lost by treating all customers the same in terms of their pricing.
customer heterogeneity supports the existence of demand-based segments from which firms can generate greater profit by shaping different offerings and prices for segments than by providing the same offering and price to the whole market.
Instead of offering their products and services at the same prices to all customers, they created different offerings for the needs of the different segments."
E a sua empresa, que segmentação faz?


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