quinta-feira, outubro 24, 2013

O século XXI vai ser diferente

"The impacts to business are potentially tremendous.  One can print personalized goods for your own style.  Items can be printed on-demand and delivered to you within days.  They can also be printed at scale and replicated quickly by printing an entire batch.  These resources aren’t limited to consumers alone.  Progressive companies like Nokia have made their STL 3D printing files available to the 3D printing community, encouraging them to print out their own cases.
The potential impacts for business are quite significant:
  • Anyone can become a designer or manufacturer, without ever leaving home.
  • Rapid design and prototypes can be printed quickly.
  • No need to configure large warehouses and supply chains.  3D printers print quickly, on-demand.
  • Print only what you need, reducing the costly overhead of warehouses and excess inventory.
  • Customize and personalize for individuals, radically changing the game.
  • Eventually, use recyclable or sustainable materials, preserving our resources."

Trecho retirado de "Shapeways Delivers 3D Printing as a Service, Reshaping Business Processes"

Não ficará pedra sobre pedra "CAD Burglars: Analyst Predicts 3D Printing Will Lead to $100 Billion in IP Theft"

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