quinta-feira, junho 27, 2013

Qual é o propósito da sua empresa?

"The problem with industrial capitalism today is not the profit motive; the problem is how the profit motive is usually framed. There is a persistent myth in the contemporary business world that the ultimate purpose of a business is to maximize profit for the company’s investors. However, the maximization of profit is not a purpose; instead, it is an outcome. We argue that the best way to maximize profits over the long term is to not make them the primary goal.
Profits are like happiness in that they are a byproduct of other things. (Moi ici: Regressar a Janeiro de 2009 com "o lucro é uma consequência, nunca se trabalha directamente para o lucro")
Purpose is not about corporate strategy or tactics; these are both means to ends. Purpose is also not about social responsibility, which is simply a tool for managing reputation. Purpose is not even about corporate mission, which might be nothing more than an aspiration to dominate a particular marketplace. Rather, purpose is a spiritual and moral call to action; it is what a person or company stands for."

Trechos retirados de "Why Making Money Is Not Enough"

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