quarta-feira, março 27, 2013

Sem bail-out e sem campeões nacionais

Temos isto:
""Corporate fall" is an important component of "entrepreneurship rise" (one component of many, it should be noted). What happens to entrepreneurship ecosystems when corporations fall? The reality is, they almost always adapt and grow in creative and novel ways. I make this observation fully cognizant of, and sympathetic with, the pain of being tossed out into the street, as so many people are when corporations fail, downsize, or restructure. The practical implication here is obviously not to encourage or applaud corporate death, just as recognizing the ecosystem renewal after a the loss of a whale is obviously not a call to go out and kill whales. But in an ever more complex and volatile world, business leaders and policy makers would be well served in allowing nature a little more rein in playing out its course."
Trecho retirado de "When Big Companies Fall, Entrepreneurship Rises"

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