quinta-feira, fevereiro 28, 2013

Quem procura ajuda são os melhores

Esta reflexão de Seth Godin (de 2007), que Tim Kastelle me fez revisitar há dias, é tão interessante:
"Most people in the US can't cook. So you would think that reaching out to the masses with entry-level cooking instruction would be a smart business move.
In fact, as the Food Network and cookbook publishers have demonstrated over and over again, you're way better off helping the perfect improve. You'll also sell a lot more management consulting to well run companies, high end stereos to people with good stereos and yes, church services to the already well behaved."
Quem procura ajuda são os melhores, que querem melhorar ainda mais.
Talvez isto também ajude a explicar porque muitas vezes as economias mudam, não porque as empresas mudam, mas porque muitas empresas incapazes de se transformarem morrem. É um problema português?
Basta recordar o exemplo finlandês:
"It is widely believed that restructuring has boosted productivity by displacing low-skilled workers and creating jobs for the high skilled."
Mas, e como isto é profundo:
"In essence, creative destruction means that low productivity plants are displaced by high productivity plants."

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