sexta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2013

Parte II - Da lógica à orientação

O fornecedor deve procurar agir como Yoda, interagindo com o cliente, um Luke Skywalker, em busca de transformação.
É desta metáfora que me lembro quando leio a poesia que se segue e recordo o esquema:
"The notion of cocreating value refers to assisting customers in co-constructing and engaging in superior experiences. Each value network partner brings their own unique resource access and accommodation into that process
When customers are viewed as an integral part of value creation, the role of the firm becomes that of a facilitator, supporter, and co-constructor of value rather than a supplier of value
In turn, the strategic focus of the firm shifts toward understanding how it can better assist individual customers to get more out of its direct service activities and/or service platforms so that their daily routines, processes, and experiences are improved in a meaningful way
Overall, firms prioritize valuable interaction experiences and outcomes of reciprocal resource integration efforts, rather than focusing on products per se, thereby forming the basis for successful future strategies.
From an S-D logic perspective, strategy is about making choices about how best to facilitate and enhance value cocreation with network partners such as customers for mutual and long-term betterment."

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