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São as decisões dos humanos que ajudam a fazer a diferença (parte V)

Parte Iparte IIparte III e parte IV.
"Most companies have aspirations, usually framed as a mission statement and vision. These corporate artifacts aren’t unhelpful to strategy, but too often they are abstract and lack context; they paint a pleasant picture of a possible happy future that makes no reference to competition, to customers or to winning. In order to be sustainable, an organization must seek to win in a particular place and in a particular way, translating the abstract happy future into defined winning aspirations."
"Of course, winning aspirations will look different in different industries, because winning is different for a consumer brand than for a market research department or a community hospital. But every organization can conceptualize what it means to win."
"When an organization sets out to play, rather than win, it doesn’t invest appropriately and rarely makes the truly hard choices. Simply put, if an organization doesn’t set out to win, it rarely does."
Quem decide o que significa ter sucesso?
Quem decide qual o pico a escalar?
Quem faz a reflexão e as escolhas?

 Trecho retirado de "The 5 essential questions at the heart of any winning strategy – Part 1"

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