terça-feira, dezembro 18, 2012

Acerca da estratégia - parte II

"even a strategy “bet” - when the strategist chooses a direction despite not knowing the optimal decisions – can create value by generating a focal point, which improves alignment, though on a potential suboptimal course of action. (Moi ici: Um ponto a merecer reflexão... o poder do alinhamento interno. Como diria Weick, "any map will do")

The value of a strategy increases when there is more initial or public uncertainty, with uncertainty being a complement to the degree of interaction. (Moi ici: E como são os tempos que vivemos? Vivemos em tempos de mais ou menos incerteza?)

Uncertainty makes it difficult to predict what others will do and thus to align with their actions.

Choices and decisions (that make up the strategy) “guide” (towards an objective) is obviously implicit in the idea of “strategy as plan”.

The value of developing a strategy is higher when there are stronger interactions among the decisions, when eventual confidence about the interactions is higher, and when decisions are more difficult to reverse.

Absent interactions there is no gain from aligning decisions and thus no gain from an overall “strategy” to guide decisions. A business that is all about getting a few decisions correct, with no interactions, gains little from strategy. This ties back to the idea that the key role of strategy is to generate consistency across decisions, both over time and across functions, and confirms the central role of interactions in strategy as suggested by the management literature.

Strategy – its key role is always to generate a pattern. Strategy only matters when there should be a pattern in the decisions and strategy makes sure that that pattern is realized.

The value of strategy increases when there is a proportional increase in the importance of all interactions, the value of strategy does not increase with the importance of one individual decision by itself."

Trechos retirados de "A Theory of Explicitly Formulated Strategy" de Eric Van den Steen.

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