quinta-feira, junho 28, 2012

Em pânico

- Este tipo está em pânico!
Depois, vou buscar o "Deep Survival" de Laurence Gonzales e escolho meio dúzia de citações que suportam a minha conclusão:
"The first lesson is to remain calm, not to panic. Because emotions are called “hot cognitions,” this is known as “being cool.”

Only 10 to 20 percent of people can stay calm and think in the midst of a survival emergency. They are the ones who can perceive their situation clearly; they can plan and take correct action, all of which are key elements of survival. Confronted with a changing environment, they rapidly adapt.

You’re sitting there sucking oxygen, you’d better have a plan. Because if you don’t, you’re screwed, and then you’re fucked.
The first rule is: Face reality. Good survivors aren’t immune to fear. They know what’s happening, and it does “scare the living shit out of” them. It’s all a question of what you do next.
Survivors “laugh at threats… playing and laughing go together. Playing keeps the person in contact with what is happening around [him].” To deal with reality you must first recognize it as such. … if you let yourself get too serious, you will get too scared, and once that devil is out of the bottle, you’re on a runaway horse. Fear is good [Fear puts me in my place. It gives me the humility to see things as they are]. Too much fear is not."
Percebo perfeitamente porque é que Camilo Lourenço, esta manhã,  confessou ter saudades de Zapatero, apesar de nada tenha feito no seu consulado para evitar o desastre.

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Anónimo disse...

Não há nenhum desastre a caminho. Será um desastre para o capitalismo financeirizado. Mas podemos viver perfeitamente sem ele. Já o fizemos no passado.