segunda-feira, julho 25, 2011

A mecânica newtoniana não serve para a economia

"Goods-dominant logic views units of output as the central components of exchange. It developed from both a combination of Smith’s (1776) normative work on how to create national wealth through the “production” and export of surplus tangible commodities and the economic philosophers’ desire to make economics a true science at a time when Newtonian Mechanics served as the model for the mastery of nature. Accordingly, modern economic thought embraced objects (matter or goods) as having innate properties (utility) and relationships to other objects, measured in terms of price mechanisms and valuein-exchange. This economic theory became formalized in the mathematics of calculus and differential equations, and economic science became a foundation for financially engineering and optimizing the economy and the firm."
Como se a mecânica newtoniana alguma vez pudesse ser aplicável às relações humanas que sustentam a economia.
Trecho retirado de "Competing through service: Insights from service-dominant logic" de Robert F. Lusch, Stephen L. Vargo e Matthew O’Brien, publicado por Journal of Retailing 83 (1, 2007) 5–18

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