sábado, janeiro 22, 2011

Construir a cadeia de valor do futuro (parte VI)

Mais sintomas da alteração dos factores abióticos onde operam as nossas PMEs, ainda que muitas delas nem se apercebam disso:
  • "China Rural Incomes Rising Most Since '84 Show Lure for Job-Seeking Obama" ("China’s retail sales grew at a 19.1 percent annual pace in December, partly boosted by inflation, yesterday’s report showed. For the full year, the increase was 18.4 percent. ... China’s vehicle sales rose 32 percent to 18.1 million in 2010, keeping the auto market ahead of the U.S. for the second year running. Sales are expected to grow about 15 percent this year, ... Hu, who traveled yesterday to Chicago to talk with business executives, said that China is focusing on domestic demand and consumer spending as its economy evolves.)"
  • "Shanghai plans to raise minimum wage by 10 pct in '11"

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