terça-feira, janeiro 25, 2011

Afinal não é só por cá...

Ainda ontem, neste postal, escrevi:

Hoje... neste artigo "The "Regulatory" Problem" descubro a resposta e percebo como é difícil mudar:
"There are dozens of big taxi garages. Why don't they stagger the shifts? Some drivers could work from 4-4, some from 5-5, some from 6-6, and some from 7-7? That would likely unjam the garage twice a day, too! The answer was clear and opaque at the same time: "That's never gonna happen. The garage shifts in New York have been 5 to 5 forever, and they ain't never gonna change."

So there you have it.

Many business managers and companies just keep doing things the same way. They claim that "regulations" tie their hands. But what really constrains better business is the "regular way we've always done it." (Moi ici: Não, não é um mal exclusivamente português... Arroja tem razão, a gente tem a mania de se auto-denegrir...)

We've always inconvenienced customers, and there's no reason to change now. We're busy - operating at the convenience of the company, or worse, just out of bad habit - and we've never asked ourselves what it might be like to be our customers."
Por favor, caros citricultores, olhem para o vosso modelo de negócio actual... onde é que está podre? Onde precisa de ser reformulado?

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