quinta-feira, dezembro 09, 2010

Agricultura com futuro

Uma história fantástica!!!
Mais uma vez a mente em branco, livre de modelos mentais castradores triunfa.
Precisamos de agricultores que não se comportem como funcionários públicos encapotados que engenheiram como maximizar o ganho de subsídios e façam da agricultura uma actividade criadora de riqueza, criadora de valor.
"Instead of growing crops and then finding a buyer, Mr. Menzies said the farm had to start looking for customers first. The typical farm model is “backward to everything I ever did in the engineering and technology side,” he said in an interview. “We looked for a need and we filled it. And where we found that need was from the world.”

Mr. Menzies started travelling, checking booths at the giant Gulfood Show in Dubai and the Paris Food Show. He quickly discovered the huge demand for Saskatchewan lentils, chick peas, beans and other so-called pulse crops. “It’s a source of protein for many, many families around the world who don’t have luxury of eating meat or fish,” he said.

He began transforming Wigmore, pushing it into these crops and finding buyers in far flung places such as Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, India and Bangladesh. Today, Wigmore sells specially branded products in 30 countries, and it plans to open an office in India.

Wigmore has evolved from an 8,000-acre family farm growing mainly wheat and flax into a multi-sided business that spans 43,000 acres, grows 18,000 tonnes of pulse and runs a cleaning and packaging facility along with a division that sells fertilizers and chemicals."
Não é magia, é pensar como um empresário a sério!!!
Texto retirado de "New business model grows family farm into global player"

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