sábado, agosto 28, 2010

Lidar com os incumbentes

A disrupção que sobressalta os incumbentes é um tema que me fascina sempre.
"Simplicity can be a really powerful means of disruption when targeting non-consumers. It is typically unattractive for market incumbents to lower the performance of their offering along traditional dimensions to compete for non-consumers right away because this would not meet the demands of existing consumers. So it can take a while for the incumbents to realize and incorporate the newly introduced performance dimensions in a way that does not alienate their core consumer base. In the meantime, the disruptive innovation can outsell its competition."
"The market development trap is not so much a threat as it is an opportunity. Competing against non-consumption can become a self-renewing cycle that a company can commit itself to over the long term. To get – and stay – ahead of the competition, the trick is master the tin challenges of continually improving and expanding the disruptive “base” while also tackling new circumstances of non-consumption."

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