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strategy as a situated activity is always under construction. If ‘mutual intelligibility is achieved on each occasion of interaction’, then strategy is never a reified state but is continuously constructed through activity. This continuous construction is known as ‘becoming’. Becoming encompasses three important themes about activity – inertial, stabilizing and changing activity – that are at the heart of practice based theorizing.


Strategy is typically a teleological activity, meaning that it is future oriented.

Hence it is imbued with terms such as vision, mission, goals, objectives, directions; all words that conjure a future anticipated state. To this extent, strategic activity is goal-directed activity. However, this does not naively assume that goals are achieved. Rather, strategizing oscillates, …, between some desired future and current activity, in which current activity helps to create the future, while anticipations of the future shape current activity. (Moi ici: Isto é bonito!!!)

In the former, the future is a projective state involving change, while reliance on the past equates with inertia in current activity. Inertial patterns of activity arise from the problem of recursiveness.

Recursiveness means the socially accomplished reproduction of sequences of activity and action because the actors involved possess a negotiated sense that one template from their repertoire will address a new situation.

Such studies focus on the way past templates lead to present inertias; strategy is a reified state that has ‘become’ rather than is becoming. Indeed, inertia is a noun not a verb. However, even inertia is a ‘socially accomplished’ pattern of activity, constructed by actors in interaction with their context.”

Não é Heidegger mas parece.


Texto retirado de "Strategy as Practice - An Activity-Based Approach" de Paula Jarzabkowski.

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