quinta-feira, fevereiro 25, 2010

Diferentes tipos de competição

Cada vez mais aprecio o paralelismo entre a economia e a biologia, como escreveu Beinhocker, a economia é o resultado da evolução humana. Assim, da mesma forma que os morcegos desenvolveram o sonar e os leopardos a sua pele com pintas o paralelismo, os humanos desenvolveram a economia.
Cito de seguida dois trechos retirados do artigo "The Red Queen and the Court Jester:Species Diversity and the Role of Biotic and Abiotic Factors Through Time" de Michael J. Benton e publicado no número de Fevereiro de 2009 da revista Science:
"Evolution may be dominated by biotic factors, as in the Red Queen model, or abiotic factors, as in the Court Jester model, or a mixture of both. The two models appear to operate predominantly over different geographic and temporal scales: Competition, predation, and other biotic factors shape ecosystems locally and over short time spans, but extrinsic factors such as climate and oceanographic and tectonic events shape larger-scale patterns regionally and globally, and through thousands and millions of years."
"There are two ways of viewing evolution, through the spectacles of either the Red Queen or the Court Jester. The Red Queen model (1) stems from Darwin, who viewed evolution as primarily a balance of biotic pressures, most notably competition, and it was characterized by the Red Queen’s statement to Alice in Through the Looking-Glass that “it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.”
The Court Jester model (2) is that evolution, speciation, and extinction rarely happen except in response to unpredictable changes in the physical environment, recalling the capricious behavior of the licensed fool of Medieval times. Neither model was proposed as exclusive, and both Darwin and Van Valen (1) allowed for extrinsic influences on evolution in their primarily biotic, Red Queen views.
Species diversity in a Red Queen world depends primarily on intrinsic factors, such as body size, breadth of physiological tolerance, or adaptability to hard times. In a Court Jester world, species diversity depends on fluctuations in climate, landscape, and food supply. In reality, of course, both aspects might prevail in different ways and at different times, what could perhaps be called the multilevel mixed model. Traditionally, biologists have tended to think in a Red Queen, Darwinian, intrinsic, biotic factors way, and geologists in a Court Jester, extrinsic, physical factors way."
Quando o cenário de competição sofre poucas mudanças, quando essas mudanças de contexto são lentas, a competição entre as empresas é sobretudo segundo o modelo Red Queen. Quando o cenário competitivo é fortemente alterado, por exemplo, com a adesão da China à OMC, ou com o fim do crédito fácil e barato entra em cena o modelo Court Jester.

"Strategy and the Business Landscape" de Pankaj Ghemawat.

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