sexta-feira, outubro 16, 2009

Erro a evitar

Eu, confesso, sou um fanático que apoia o uso de indicadores para gerir empresas.
Contudo, reconheço que quando confiamos apenas e só nos indicadores corremos o risco de cometer o mesmo erro que é mencionado neste postal "“Diagnosis: What Doctors Are Missing”"
"Another way that the desire to systematize medicine may not represent progress is that it limits doctors’ observational methods. Doctors look at a number of elements of a patients’ condition: skin tone, energy level, the quality of their breathing. Some of these do not fit neatly into diagnostic scoring methods and are thus discarded, resulting in information loss. There is in particular in medicine a distaste for seemingly old fashioned diagnostic methods even when they are more accurate than tests"
"The ability to recognize complex patterns is one of our highest forms of intelligence, and one both disciplines seem inclined to devalue. Admittedly, as Malcolm Gladwell demonstrated in his book Blink, this faculty can be remarkably accurate or wildly wrong. Somehow, embracing technology too often leads to a rejection of older approaches, rather than figuring out how to use the best of both methods."
Quanto menos experiência no sector de actividade tiver o gestor, maior o risco de confiar cegamente nos indicadores.

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