terça-feira, junho 23, 2009

China and the end of westernisation

"China and the end of westernisation"
"The rise of China that Martin Jacques charts in his indispensable new book will transform global geopolitics, creating an international system in which the US is only one great power among several that are struggling for control of the world's resources"
"The subtitle of Jacques's book refers to "the end of the western world", but he is not claiming the west is going to collapse or disappear. It is the western-dominated world of the past few centuries that is coming to an end – and with it the west's claim to be the arbiter of what it means to be modern. A rival version of modernity has begun to emerge in China, flawed in some ways, like every human society, but genuinely different from any western model."
Tempos impressionantes estes!!!
Tempos de mudança... daqui a 100 anos os nossos bisnetos vão estar a estudar o que se passou neste início do século XXI.

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