segunda-feira, abril 20, 2009

Ram Charan on Leading Now

Na revista Business Week "Ram Charan on Leading Now":
"In these times more than other times, first and foremost is demonstrating personal integrity and maintaining your personal credibility."
"Tell people the truth. Gather information—from customers, from your customer-facing employees, from sources outside the firm. Talk to employees throughout the company; listen to their viewpoints and engage them. When you have a firm picture of reality, share it. Tell people the reality—if the company doesn't take action now and cut some jobs, even more good people will lose jobs later. In this environment, the entire company could fail as a result of a leader failing to make hard decisions when they're needed.

If you have to make layoffs, make them in a fair, open way. Be frank; explain what's happening on the outside and why layoffs are necessary to protect good people and good jobs.(Quantas vezes isto acontece? Dar a cara, falar, explicar, não enviar uma segunda ou terceira figura, aguentar o embate de peito aberto)

Authenticity is always important but now it's absolutely critical. Leaders, wherever they sit in the organization, have to demonstrate rock-solid integrity, honesty, and the ability to confront reality.

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