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"Spain’s Falling Prices Fuel Deflation Fears in Europe"
A forma como o artigo termina fez-me lembrar Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Daí ter ido à procura do seu último comentário no Telegraph "Britain in elite company with budget blues".
No entanto, o que mais apreciei não foi a prosa de Ambrose, mas um delicioso comentário de um dos leitores:
"Reading your column is like therapy. The financial world is on the brink of complete implosion: CDOs on money center banks are decompressing at an alarming rate, commercial property holders are falling like flies, the US Treasury has all but said that insurance companies are the next to implode. The realization must be coming to people is that nothing is too big to fail, and sovreign debtors are just another domino to fall. 

Meanwhile, the SP500 is up today.
The plankton, swimming in a sea of delusion, are soon to be pulled to the bottom by an ill current..."
Um outro comentário delicioso é este:
Labour plan for for Good times: (Moi ici: Portuguese governments (from rigth and left) plan for Good times:

Tax more, Borrow more, Spend more

Labour plan for Bad times:

Tax even more, Borrow even more (Get Bank of England to buy it Moi ici: Get CGD to buy it), spend just as much

Now what's next...?

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"Agradeco nao ter esquecido Shakespeare no dia do seu nascimento e da sua morte.
Adorei o Hamlet. Quem é o actor?
Por favor, mais "postas" como esta.
Saudacoes de Düsseldorf!"

Lembra-se, ccz?!