quarta-feira, abril 15, 2009

Acerca dos clientes-alvo em tempos de crise.

Uma vez mais 'back to the basics'. Agora ainda é mais urgente fazer o que sempre foi o básico:
"A key part of your comprehensive plan is the determination of which customers to keep. Even in a downturn, not every customer is worth having. It will be easy to eliminate the marginal ones but much more difficult to decide that a large customer simply isn't providing good enough margins or cash return. Customers can put demands on your cash when, for instance, they require you to carry a lot of inventory. You may decide cash is more important to you than a revenue gain.
The biggest danger is that one of your large customers will go belly-up." (Como estarão os fornecedores da Qimonda?)
"Although keeping a close eye on weak customers is important, you cannot afford to ignore your best ones. Stressful times present an opportunity to talk with your counterparts at those companies and figure out ways to cement the relationship. More than ever before you have to take the initiative and be proactive toward your best customers."
Trechos retirados de Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty de Ram Charan

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