domingo, novembro 09, 2008

Frugalidade e ilusionismo

Como escreve o José Silva no Norteamos sem um retorno à frugalidade tudo o que se faça não passará de pensos-rápidos.
Como escreve Ricardo Arroja no Portugal Contemporâneo sem um retorno à poupança tudo o que se faça não passará de ilusionismo.
"There are about six savers for every borrower in Britain, although you might not guess that from the way rate cuts are usually reported.
The explanation is that borrowers make more noise than savers because they tend to be younger and more photogenic. Homebuyers struggling to meet mortgage payments are easier for TV and the tabloids to cover than pensioners fretting about their savings. Oh, and borrowers are wildly over-represented in news rooms for reasons that need not detain us here.
That’s why rate cuts are usually reported as good news. But the reality of the mathematics cannot be eluded forever; no more than we can borrow our way out of debt. All the government can do is delay the day of reckoning and probably make a bad situation worse. That is what the stock market was warning us with its adverse reaction on Thursday. When the silent majority realise how much this week’s crowd-pleasing rate cut may cost them, it will prove the opposite of popular." ("Savers will pay a heavy price for the Bank of England’s desperation")

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Jose Silva disse...


Não é bem frugalidade, mas sim rentabilidade. Esta é inevitável a medio prazo para que as empresas, familias e estados sobreviveam.

Vendi isto em agosto. E «poupei» dezenas de euros.