quarta-feira, maio 21, 2008

Concentrar, focar, sintonizar, alinhar

"... you need to realize that achieving alignment is not an "event;" it's an ongoing battle that's part of what it means to work on your business. Successfully waging this battle is key to achieving excellence that lasts. Remember that 96% of all business start-ups in the US fail within 10 years, but the failure rate of franchises is less than one third of the rate of regular businesses.
Why is this so?
A significant part of franchises' greater general success is because of alignment. The best franchises have thought through very carefully who their target customer is and what the promise is that they want to make to that customer. And they've thought through all the internal systems and processes to deliver on that promise in the most efficient and effective way. Franchises have learned to invest in developing and maintaining alignment of resources to mission."
"Six Disciplines for Excellence" de Gary Harpst

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