domingo, janeiro 20, 2008

Não há acasos e todas as coincidências são significativas

Qual será o significado desta cadeia de acontecimentos?

Terça-feira leio o artigo "Putting Leadership Back into Strategy" de Cynthia Montgomery, na revista Harvard Business Review, onde encontro esta passagem:

"Great firms ... evolve and change. So do great strategies. This is not to say that continuity has no value. It is not to say that great resources and great advantages aren’t built over the long term. It is, however, to acknowledge that the world, both inside and outside the firm, changes not only in big, discontinuous leaps but in frequent, smaller ones as well.

An ancient Greek legend provides a powerful metaphor for this process. According to the legend, the ship that the hero Theseus sailed back to Athens after slaying the Minotaur in Crete was rebuilt over time, plank by plank. As each plank decayed, it was replaced by another, until every plank in the ship had been changed. Was it then still the same ship? If not, at what point—with which plank—did the ship’s identity shift?"

Sexta-feira recebo um e-mail com a newsletter da empresa onde trabalha o duplamente brilhante e leio isto:

"Na AAAAAAAA nunca decidimos que temos que mudar, mudamos todos os dias, não porque alguém o definiu, mas porque todos sentimos que temos que procurar fazer amanhã melhor do que o que fizemos hoje."

Sábado de manhã, enquanto aguardava por alguém, no livro "The innovators solution: creating and sustaining successful growth" de "Clayton Christensen e Michael Raynor leio isto:

"Competitiveness is far more about doing what customers value than what you think you're good at. And staying competitive as the basis of competition shifts necessarily requires a willingness and ability to learn new things rather than clinging hopefully to the sources of past glory. The challenge for incumbent companies is to rebuild their ships while at sea, rather than dismantling themselves plank by plank while someone else builds a new, faster boat with what they cast overboard as detritus."

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