quinta-feira, janeiro 24, 2008


Outro palavrão que aprendi com Boyd:

"Tell team members what needs to be accomplished, get their agreement to accomplish it, then hold them strictly accountable for doing it - but don't prescribe how. Requires very high levels of mutual trust."

Com um mapa da estratégia, com indicadores de um balanced scorecard, com metas exigentes na mão. Cada equipa recebe uma ficha de missão e tem de desenhar uma iniciativa estratégica que ajude a convergir para os resultados desejados.

Como diz a Wikipedia:

"Auftragstaktik encourages commanders to exhibit initiative, flexibility and improvisation while in command. In what may be seen as surprising Auftragstaktik empowers commanders to disobey orders and revise their effect as long as the intent of the commander is maintained."

"Analysis by the US Army of the 1939 German campaign in Poland found that "The emphasis which the Germans placed on the development of leadership and initiative in commanders during years of preparatory training brought its rewards in the Polish campaign. With confidence that these principles had been properly inculcated, all commanders, from the highest to the lowest echelons, felt free to carry out their missions or meet changes in situations with a minimum of interference by higher commanders." They recognized that "initiative, flexibility and mobility" were the essential aspects of German tactics."

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