segunda-feira, janeiro 29, 2007

Alive and Kicking, after all these years

Uma conversa sobre sistemas de gestão da qualidade fez recordar este memorável artigo "ISO 9000: the system emerging from the vicious circle of compliance", de Stanislav Karapetrovic, publicado pela "The TQM Magazine", Volume 11, número 2, 1999, pp. 111-120.

Este artigo foi um dos que me ajudou a abrir os olhos, é por causa de artigos como este, que hoje posso dizer: "Quando eu era consultor criança, pensava, via como consultor criança".

Reparem só nestas passagens preciosas:

"The point of ISO 9000 is not to claim that you have the system in place and that you are registered, but to actually use it as a tool for constinuously improving the quality of your system. The system must be efficient, but also effective in achieving the objectives. So, forget about proving claims that the system is in place: the point is to prove it to yourself that the system is actually working and improving your bottom line.

Most companies get stuck in the mud of quality manuals and different procedures that are apparently "required by the standard" (as commonly interpreted by consultants who do not see the big picture either). They structure the documentation around the standard..."

"In some cases, such documentation is drafted with the purpose of satisfying the auditor's need for a clear identification of the relationship between the standard and the company's quality system."

"The point of a quality audit is not to "anticipate compliance", nor is it to "check what the external auditors check". Quite the contrary, the point of the quality audit is to identify areas, processes and products that can be improved."

Se a vida das organizações já é difícil,

para quê complicar ainda mais?

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