sábado, outubro 14, 2006

Mitos económicos

"Many executives... Sensing a causal link between the progress of the overall economy and the 'micro' economy of their own firms, they blame the 'macro' economy for their problems and look to periods of economic expansion to fuel economic growth. 'When things go better,' they'll say, 'we'll do better.'"

"We believe that a rising gross national product (GNP) will provide little help to most individual companies."

"If you harbor any remaining notions that the general economy will do much for company growth, consider this important fact: company growth rates and broad measures of the economy like GNP are not correlated in any meaningful way."

"The conclusion that one can draw from this discussion of GNP and corporate growth is that a rising tide does very little for individual companies over the long haul, and that boats will find their own level."

Retirado do livro "Grow to be great" de Gertz e Baptista, editado por Free Press

Assim, políticos (no poder, ou na oposição) cuidado com o que prometem; empresários... não esperem por boleias, o mais certo é que quem faz pela sua empresa, quem a torna mais competitiva, roube quota de mercado a quem espera que a sorte o proteja.

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