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Mongo é sintonizar e responder rapidamente

O século XX foi o século da concentração e da escala, assim que Mongo arrasa e fecha com os dinossauros logo aparecem as pequenas e ágeis criaturas que tornam, o que parecia ser um cemitério, num campo de experimentação e diversidade

"It looks like the bankruptcy of RadioShack has actually been good for independently-owned stores, who are now able to open in new locations partly by focusing on the DIY/maker movement (or young robotics enthusiasts). One store owner admits that on some supplies they’re actually getting cheaper prices than they got from RadioShack, while another points out that RadioShack’s bankruptcy has finally removed restrictions on where they could be located. (“The corporate store had all of the big towns… Now they’ve encouraged the ma and pop stores to take over in those areas.”)
These locally-owned RadioShack stores now actually hope to compete with Amazon, which has sucked up 90% of the growth in all consumer electronics sales, by offering personal (and in-person) customer service on electronics. “The world will always need somebody that will help them with a question…” Vern says philosophically. “I don’t think anybody will ever get rich off it again — I think those days are gone. But I think there will always be a spot for someone who can solder a wire or just answer a question, put a battery in a cordless phone for somebody who’s elderly, a battery for a key fob in a car…”" (1)
"In the last three years, RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy twice and closed nearly all of its corporate stores. But in the wake of the former retail giant’s death, independently owned franchise versions of the store have reinvented the brand and are actually doing pretty well—they’re even expanding.
Rather than focusing on landline phones and remote-control toys that lined the shelves of RadioShack’s past, many of the independently-owned stores have shifted focus to offer supplies for makers and DIY enthusiasts. [Moi ici: Lojas que têm de obedecer a um centro que supostamente cria valor comprando bem, comprando barato por causa do volume, não conseguem influenciar e mostrar o quanto o mercado está a mudar. Loja dependente do centro é um instrumento para despachar, vomitar mercadoria. Loja independente está centrada na procura e cria valor quando vai ao encontro dessa procura, responde e muda muito mais rapidamenteAs maker and hacker culture has expanded, along with the right-to-repair movement, more average consumers are interested in buying esoteric parts like tiny screws and solder. As our editor-in-chief noted back in 2014, RadioShack can actually compete with online retailers like Amazon on this front because of the immediacy (you don’t want to wait days to get that final part you need to finish your project) and the collaborative nature of maker culture[Moi ici: E imagino a quantidade de eventos que podem ser animados para criar/reforçar o espírito de comunidade com estes geeks“Do-it-yourself — that’s a big part of what Radio Shack is now,” Thad Teel, the owner of a Radio Shack in Claremore, Ohio that opened in April, told the Claremore Daily Progress. “Someone who tinkers in building or repairing anything electronic will find us an invaluable resource for parts and tools.”" (2)

BTW, muitas vezes acho que os liberais são os maiores inimigos do liberalismo porque falam de querer amanhã o que só poderá ser obtido ao fim de um processo. Imagino o que aconteceria ao fim de pouco tempo se acabasse a escola pública como a conhecemos, independente da procura e dependente de um centro mais preocupado em vómito, política e custo.

Fonte 1 - Can Locally-Owned Stores Save RadioShack?
Fonte 2 - The DIY Movement Is Bringing RadioShack Back From the Dead

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"talk of pulling the plug just adds to the belief that libertarians have a utopian theory without practical application
I do believe a transition will get us there – but what steps will make this transition effective?"