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Acerca do "short-termism"

"Instead of hiring outside CEOs, hire insiders—or at least CEOs with domain expertise.
One trend that has contributed to short-termism and lower innovativeness is the increased prevalence of outside CEOs. From 1970 to 2004, the percentage of CEOs hired from outside the firm increased from 12% to 39%.
While outside CEOs are valued because they bring new perspective, my colleague, Trey Cummings, and I believe they impose a hidden cost to innovation at firms whose growth derives from R&D (roughly 49% of firms).
firms shifted from an orientation of “R&D as a driver of growth” to “R&D as an expense.” What was reported to happen as a consequence of this shift was a steady decline in firms’ R&D intensity (R&D/Sales) and a corresponding decline in firms’ R&D capability. In other words, the new leader’s disinvestment cut meat as well as fat.
Why do these shifts occur? We believe, and now have correlative evidence, that it’s because outside CEOs are less likely to possess the technological domain expertise necessary to drive growth from R&D. When CEOs lack this expertise, they are more likely to manage R&D “by the numbers,” despite the fact that those numbers are more elusive than those for capital and advertising. Indeed, we found that companies with outside CEOs have lower innovativeness as measured by RQ, and that those effects become more pronounced the more R&D intensive the company is and the more technologically different it is from the CEO’s prior company.
Note the solution is not to avoid outside CEOs. There are many reasons companies benefit from hiring an outsider, such as to effect change. Moreover, not all outside CEOs lack domain expertise (e.g., CEOs from rival firms); conversely not all inside CEOs have it (CEOs promoted from finance). Rather, the solution is to ensure that companies whose growth derives from R&D hire CEOs with technological domain expertise."
Trechos retirados de "The Real Reasons Companies Are So Focused on the Short Term"

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