quinta-feira, junho 01, 2017

"by removing parts, via negativa"

Esta manhã a caminho do escritório li mais umas páginas do futuro novo livro de Nassim Taleb.

Ao ler:
Now, if you are going to highlight a single section from this book, here is the one. The interventionista case is central to our story because it shows how absence of skin in the game has both ethical and epistemological effects (i.e., related to knowledge).
Returning to our interventionistas, we saw that people don’t learn so much from their –and other people’s –mistakes; rather it is the system that learns by selecting those less prone to a certain type of mistakes and eliminating others.
Systems learn by removing parts, via negativa.
Many bad pilots, as we mentioned, are currently in the bottom of the Atlantic, many dangerous bad drivers in the local quiet cemetery thanks to skin in the game – so transportation didn’t get safer just because people learn from errors, but because the system does. The experience of the system is different from that of an individual and requires such a filtering. This remains the central point about disincentives that has been missed so far."
Ao mesmo tempo que lia estas linhas imediatamente recordei e fiz a ponte para este postal, ""Nations do not trade; it is firms that trade"", de Novembro de 2007 e estas frases:
"It is widely believed that restructuring has boosted productivity by displacing low-skilled workers and creating jobs for the high skilled.
In essence, creative destruction means that low productivity plants are displaced by high productivity plants.[Moi ici: A produtividade aumenta by removing parts, via negativa]
As creative destruction is shown to be an important element of economic growth, there is definitely a case for public policy to support this process, or at least avoid disturbing it without good reason.
Competition in product markets is important. Subsidies, on the other hand, may insulate low productivity plants and firms from healthy market selection, and curb incentives for improving their productivity performance. Business failures, plant shutdowns and layoffs are the unavoidable byproducts of economic development."

Imaginem o impacte do que reduz a concorrência ou protege os que os clientes não privilegiam...

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