quinta-feira, maio 25, 2017

Muito para aprender (parte II)

Recordar "Muito para aprender".

Os produtores transmontanos deviam aproveitar isto:
"The price of extra virgin olive oil has surged almost a quarter this year, as drought afflicts production at big producers around the Mediterranean. Output in Greece, Italy, Tunisia and, to a lesser degree, Spain is forecast to fall sharply this year.
The jump in wholesale prices has put upward pressure on what consumers are having to pay. Retail olive oil prices across Europe have risen an average of 26 per cent in the two years to 2016, with those in Spain recording the steepest rise of 36 per cent, according research group IRI.
This year’s advance in wholesale prices has yet to reach supermarket shelves because of a time lag, but industry executives warn it is likely to happen."

Trecho retirado de "Five markets charts that matter for investors"

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