sexta-feira, março 10, 2017

Se todos são clientes então nenhum é estratégico

"Strategic clients require more from you than other clients. All clients are important, but your strategic clients have a different set of needs. They need you to be more engaged, and they need you to deliver greater outcomes than you would for a client that doesn’t have their same needs.
Your strategic clients require more communication. Because your relationship is deeper, they need to you to be aware of what they’re doing, and they need to know what you are doing. This isn’t just a good idea, it’s critical.
You have to communicate with your strategic clients so that you understand their strategy."(Fonte 1)
Ao ler isto, fiz logo a ponte para o texto que reli recentemente "The Big Lie of Strategic Planning" e para o tal postal desta semana "Too Big To Care":
"Companies in many industries prefer a small slice of a huge market to a large slice of a small one. The thinking is, of course, that the former promises unlimited growth potential. And there’s a certain amount of truth to that. But all too often, the size of the opportunity encourages sloppy strategy making. Why choose where to play or how to win when there’s a huge market to conquer? Anybody is a potential customer, so just go out and sell stuff.
But when anyone could be a customer, it is impossible to figure out whom to target and what those people actually want. The results tend to be an offering that is not captivating to anybody and a sales force that doesn’t know where to spend its time. This is when crisp strategy making and clear thinking about opportunities are most important."[Moi ici: Se todos são clientes então nenhum é estratégico]

Fonte 1 - The Care and Feeding of Strategic Clients

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