quarta-feira, fevereiro 01, 2017

"Because for them, your approach is a bad idea"

Para montar o cenário recordo:

É importante fazer escolhas e quanto mais dolorosas melhor.

Assim, faz sentido considerar este conselho:
"Competition is a fact of life in startup land. A differentiated position in the market is vital. Good competitive positioning communicates to the world the set of assumptions one has to believe to envision your success.
Too often do we find competition framed in the context of better/faster/cheaper.  ... It fits a limited number of businesses that sell a commodity product.
My advice is to ignore better/faster/cheaper, and instead focus on a differentiator that your competitor would agree with. This is a subtle, but powerful move. If you get it right, your competition will actually reinforce your positioning. Why? Because for them, your approach is a bad idea. [Moi ici: E vice-versa] They love telling customers why you’re not really focused on the same thing they do. By trivializing what you do, they’re inadvertently spreading your gospel."
Trechos retirados de "How to stand out from your competition"

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