segunda-feira, janeiro 30, 2017

Alterar a oferta (parte IV)

Parte III.

Ás vezes tenho a sorte de encontrar um texto, ou um livro, que num parágrafo, não precisa de ser mais, nos dá um safanão e põe-nos a ver a realidade de uma outra perspectiva. Dessa perspectiva tudo parece mais simples e intuitivo.

No Sábado, ao dar uma caminhada a meio da tarde, encontrei este texto "Retailers, You're Not The Brand Anymore: The Shopper Is" e considero-o do melhor que li sobre a evolução do retalho. A mudança de perspectiva que nos propõe simplifica muito a interpretação da realidade:
"The young sales associate I was chatting with also liked the fun, funky design. But what she didn’t like was the designer’s name plastered on the item. The logo made the phone about the designer, instead of her.
These days, the shoppers themselves, are the brands. And it’s a sign of the times.
This endless aisle of options is unprecedented. And as a result, cookie-cutter retailing [Moi ici: Interessante o uso desta expressão à luz da parte II] in the era of self-expression just doesn’t cut it anymore. At the same time, there is an innate human desire to be seen, to be picked out in a crowd, to be recognized and rewarded for our idiosyncratic tastes, wants and needs.
It turns out personalization drives a return on investment: A survey by Infosys found that 74% of retailers that curate personalized offers for their shoppers saw an increase in sales; 61% tracked an increase in profit, and over half saw a rise in customer loyalty. When you reflect back to people who they are, and make them feel seen, powerful connections might be made."

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